Valverdi Indoor-Out is a range of indoor & outdoor porcelain tiles. The 20mm frost-proof outdoor porcelain tiles compliments the 10mm thick indoor tile, allowing you to create a seamless transition from inside your home to your outdoor space.


Available in a wide range of striking colours, Valverdi Indoor-Out tiles feature a range of popular styles and timeless classic looks. Our porcelain tiles are scratch-resistant, weather proof, and are colourfast, ensuring that your tiles will look stunning forever.


Creating an indoor-outdoor Valverdi living area blurs the lines between internal and external living spaces, maximising your living area and creating a harmonious flow throughout your home.

Valverdi Indoor-Out Porcelain Tiles







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The Beauty & Benefits of Valverdi Indoor-Out Porcelain Tiles

All Valverdi Indoor-Out porcelain tiles are made from durable vitrified porcelain, consistently outperforming their natural stone and wood counterparts both on strength and hassle-free low maintenance. High anti-slip ratings keeps you and your family safe, whilst their complete colour fast surfaces ensure your tiles will look as good in twenty years as they do today!

Low Maintenance

Our tiles are completely non-porous & never need costly sealing treatments. They are famously easy to clean, a simple jet wash with warm soapy water will keep them looking their best!

Scratch Resistant Tiles

Valverdi vitrified porcelain is second only to diamond in hardness & durability. This scratch resistance gives you peace of mind when moving heavy furniture or entertaining.

Anti-Slip Tile Surfaces

Valverdi tiles have the highest slip resistance & anti-slip surfaces. Our tiles keep you & your family safe - even when wet! You can even use them in swimming pools, wet rooms, & bathrooms.

Fade & Stain Resistant

Our tiles are non-porous so stains never get into the tile surface & spills are easily wiped off. Relax knowing your tiles will never fade or degrade, even after years in direct sunlight.

Weather & Frost-Proof

Our outdoor porcelain easily tolerates the freezing temperatures and Summer heat waves of the British climate, making our Valverdi Indoor-Out the ideal solution for outside spaces of all kinds.

Great with Underfloor Heating

Valverdi tiles are fantastic at retaining heat and dispersing it evenly across the tile surface. This means you run your underfloor heating system for less time, saving money & the environment.