Chiaro Beige Outdoor Stone Effect Tiles (120cm x 60cm)

£36.50 £36.50 per m² VVCHIBE126-XT
Was: £39.08
Now: £31.54 inc. VAT
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Was: £39.08
Now: £31.54 inc. VAT
exc. VAT

You are ordering 1 box(es) of 1 tiles. 1 box(es) covers 0.72m2

Was: £39.08
Now: £31.54 inc. VAT
exc. VAT

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Elevate your living space with the timeless beauty of the Valverdi Chiaro range. Meticulously crafted by experts in porcelain tile craftsmanship, Valverdi presents the Chiaro range, a masterpiece that seamlessly combines style and substance to transform any indoor or outdoor area into a sanctuary. Valverdi Chiaro offers a collection of stone effect porcelain tiles, exuding an air of natural splendor while boasting unrivaled durability. Each tile measures an impressive 120cm x 60cm, providing a stunning canvas for creating harmonious interiors or breathtaking outdoor landscapes.

These extraordinary tiles are engineered with an array of exceptional features to ensure an impeccable finish that stands the test of time. The stain resistance guarantees effortless maintenance, protecting your tiles from accidental spills or mishaps. Say goodbye to unsightly scratches, as the scratch resistance keeps your surfaces flawless, no matter the foot traffic or activity. Unfazed by the sun's relentless rays, the fade resistance preserves the vibrant hues, allowing your Chiaro tiles to radiate brilliance for years to come. Even the harshest winters are no match for the frost-proof durability, ensuring your outdoor spaces remain intact and awe-inspiring, no matter the weather.

Immerse yourself in the colour palette of Chiaro. Choose between the sophisticated allure of grey or the warm elegance of beige, each shade meticulously selected to complement a range of interior design styles. Whether you seek a contemporary urban oasis or a serene countryside retreat, Valverdi Chiaro empowers you to unleash your creativity and bring your vision to life. The 10mm thick indoor tiles effortlessly merge style and practicality. Meanwhile, the 20mm thick outdoor tiles embody resilience, enabling you to create stunning garden pathways, captivating poolside settings, or enchanting alfresco dining areas.

Elevate your surroundings to new heights of sophistication. Order a free sample and discover the allure of Valverdi Chiaro today.

Tile details

Thickness: 20mm

Slip resistance: R11 A+B+C

Single tile price: £26.28

Tiles in box: 1

Box coverage: 0.72㎡

Tile material: Porcelain

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