The Valverdi Guarantee

All our Valverdi Indoor-Out tiles are covered by the 25 year Valverdi guarantee.

We’re so confident in the consistent quality of our tiles that all Valverdi indoor-out tiles come covered by our guarantee. This means that we guarantee our porcelain tiles be free from manufacturing defects and will remain fit for the use for which they are specified by us for a period of at least 25 years from date of purchase, provided the following conditions are met:

Valverdi Guarantee terms & conditions

The products must have been installed and used strictly in accordance with all our instructions and technical data, current at the time of purchase, and good working practice.

Proper maintenance of the installation must be adhered to, and it must not have been affected by any abnormal conditions, improper use or neglect. No remedial work should be attempted without prior written agreement from us.

The surfaces fixed on must have been installed strictly in accordance with all our instructions and technical data, current at the time of purchase and good working practice.

All failures must be reported to us immediately. In order to adequately investigate the claim, we must be given all information, particulars, facilities and assistance.

Products must not have been used with products from any other manufacturer which has not been validated by us.


Our liability under this guarantee is limited to the reasonable cost of materials and includes replacement product. It excludes, in particular, consequential loss direct or indirect including but not limited to wasted time, labour, materials and expenditure or loss of use, profit, production, revenue, expected savings or goodwill. This guarantee does not affect the statutory rights of consumers.

If you have any further questions about the guarantee please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Valverdi Guarantee