How To Create An Indoor-Outdoor Living Space

How To Create An Indoor-Outdoor Living Space

Open plan living spaces are becoming increasingly popular, but not everyone has the same indoor space available. So, why not increase your living space by making your patio an extension of your home instead? The Valverdi Indoor-Out range allows you to connect your external and internal spaces by matching your floor tiles to your patio tiles, so you can create an indoor-outdoor living space.

Choose from a wide range of porcelain tiles, including classic natural stone effects, modern or even wood-effects to make your indoor-outdoor living space have a design that’s unique to you. 


Whilst matching your indoor tiles with your outdoor porcelain tiles is the primary way of creating a cohesive and inviting indoor-outdoor living space, we at Valverdi have some other top tips to help you make the most of your space.

As the outdoor entertaining season is finally upon us, here are our tips to make the most of those summer nights in your stunning indoor-outdoor living space:

  • Add a cover/veranda to your outdoor living area. This cover will help further the illusion that you haven’t stepped outside at all. It also provides a great place for relaxing in the shade and alfresco dining on summer evenings, and even if rain tries to threaten your outdoor plans, a cover will help ensure that the show goes on. Who wouldn't love an outdoor living room bathed in natural light?

  • Further enlarge your space by creating a large opening in the wall. By implementing bi-fold, french doors, accordion or sliding doors, your indoor-outdoor space will truly feel like an open planned, spacious area that you’ll want to spend your time in. These doors work particularly well with floor to ceiling glass to not only let extra light in when closed but also maintain that open planned illusion.

  • Level the floor both inside and out, this will make the areas feel more cohesive. Valverdi tiles are easy to lay; the 10mm indoor tiles can be laid traditionally using tile adhesive, while the 20mm outdoor tiles can be used on a screed or with pedestals. Remember to consider the falls of your patio and drainage when planning to ensure you are not left with standing water.

  • Use your properties surroundings to influence the layout of the area. If you have a great view create a seating area that faces it or use an outdoor fireplace or chiminea as the focal point.

  • Co-ordinate your decorations so that the two areas have a natural link. Use corresponding colours or styles to harmonise you indoor and outdoor spaces. Valverdi Indoor-Outdoor tiles can play a key role here, but matching furniture, fittings or fixings can help too.

  • Incorporate natural elements into your indoor space – by adding plants and natural materials to internal living spaces you can blur the line between them and the outdoors.

  • With the advent of relatively inexpensive outdoor cooking appliances that go beyond the humble barbecue, you can turn your outside space into an open plan outdoor kitchen. Al fresco cooking and dining can bring new focus to your space.

  • As well as natural elements, make your outdoor entertaining space feel more homely with interior decor ideas - outside. Adding coffee tables, comfy seating, or even dining furniture allows you to use the space as an outside dining room.

Are you ready to start planning and creating the Indoor-Outdoor living space of your dreams? Whether it’s a new build, extension or renovation, our range of co-ordinating indoor-outdoor porcelain floor tiles will help you create an almost seamless link between the two and expand your living space into the outdoors.

Remember, you can order three Valverdi Indoor Out tiles completely free of charge today! Just find a tile you like from our wide range of porcelain tiles, and click Add Sample. We'll send you a 10cm x 10cm cut tile sample so you can see how your chosen tiles look in your space.